2014 MLS All Star Game Portland, Oregon

At the MLS All-Star game in Portland, Oregon, on Aug. 6, 2013, Microsoft made a big-time push to help fans get more familiar with its Surface tablets. Through our partner at Eiger Marketing and Gilted Edge Marketing, we plastered the streets of Portland, OR, with original artwork we created for each MLS team.   We deployed a fleet of pedicabs, blanketed with this artwork, each manned by a thoroughly trained brand ambassador that knew the product at least as well as she knew her way around town. While the passengers enjoyed the ride, they played with an on-board Surface tablet, asking questions along the way. In Pioneer Square, we had a stature carved out of Western Red Cedar wood, depicting an MLS Player and a Bayern Munich Player.  The idea was to create a show stopper that brought people to the Microsoft booth.  It worked, the statue brought over thousands of fans and each left the booth with an artistic bucket hat and scarf of their own.  For the hat trick, we sent a food truck out that was wrapped in our artwork to bring sustenance and Surfaces to the hungry fans.