FAN Emojis

FAN App is the first officially licensed football and art app giving you access to over 1,000 emojis and stickers designed by the world's best artists.   Available for download on iTunes and Google Play. Featuring an exclusive collection of Major League Soccer emojis and sticker packs for all 20 MLS teams. Find your favorite team, use our emojis during matches and share with your friends. We also have officially licensed United States National Team and Mexican National Team sets in the works and arriving soon. Our emojis work in all messaging applications where you can copy and paste into your clipboard with GIF support included. Our app also supports integrated and customized QWERTY keyboards. New packs will be added frequently, so install now and start building your collection!





Style and Process:

Our goal was to combine the MLS brand style with the familiar three-dimensional visual language of existing emojis. 

MLS Brand: subtle gradient, light coming from top left corner, 45 degree angle, hard edges/corners of logo.

MLS Emojis: To build on the 45 degree line, we used variations of 45 degrees to construct the elements in the various features of the smileys as well as some of the shapes of the other emojis. To create the shapes we split a circle into eight equal parts and used these equal parts through various rotations of 45 degrees throughout.  We call this the Rule Of Eighths. 

Examples of other MLS brand integration: The smiley emoji face elements retain the hard edges of the MLS logo as well as the lighting logic. The pennant retains the shape of the MLS logo.  The umbrella shape is built with the logic of rule of eighths - using quarter circle lines.  The Lit ball uses flames at 225 degrees - the line of diagonal of the MLS logo and one of the variations in the rule of eighths.  The red/yellow card hand is built on the same 225 degree line from the index finger.  The cleat uses this diagonal motif to incorporate the MLS club crest into its design.  The various hand
emojis all uses to some extent the same logic, particularly in thumb pad placement.


For the mini players (mascots) the various body shapes also reflect variations in the 225 degree line following the rule of eighths. The emphasis is also on the head being constructed with the MLS logo shape, the pointy nose meeting aligned with the diagonal slash of the logo.