e·mo·ji (ēˈmōjē/): a small digital image or icon used to express an idea, emotion, etc., in electronic communication.

ALL third party emoji apps available on iTunes and Google Play are image files and not Unicode characters.  This is why these apps and ours only work as a “copy and paste” option. Essentially you are copying an image and pasting it in a text field.  Some applications do not allow copy and pasting, and thus you may not be able to use our emojis in those applications. Please understand this difference before purchasing a pack from us.   We offer a free sample pack so you can test our app to understand the “copy and paste” functionality.

How to Navigate the App

The default landing page is our storefront. Scroll down to view the emoji packs we have available for sale. To purchase a pack, click the buy button followed by the install button. The Nav bar on top lists the different categories of emoji packs we offer. Scroll this category bar left or right to see more categories. The main menu icon (top left) will bring you to our main menu where you can click on various icons that are self-explanatory. The bottom nav bar has 3 emojis. The Sunglasses Emoji displays our digital emoji packs available to download. The Keyboard displays digital keyboards available. The Stickers Emoji displays Vinyl Sticker packs we have for sale.

How to Buy and Install

Simply click the Buy button in the upper right corner of each pack for sale, followed by the install button on the bottom right corner. Even with our free emoji samples, you must click buy and then install.

Installing the FAN Keyboard

From the device settings button on your phone > General > Keyboard >Keyboards > Add New Keyboard > FANKeyboard > Turn on the Allow Full Access button. This button should now be green.   FAN Keyboard has successfully been installed and ready to use.  

Allowing Full Access


Rest assured that Futbol Artist Network will NEVER collect any personal information or transmit what you type over any network. Turning on “Allow Full Access” is simply an iOS and Android requirement for third party keyboards. We take our user’s privacy very seriously. Should you not want to use our keyboard, all of the content can be accessed directly from the app instead.

Copy And Paste and Copied to Clipboard

Understanding “Copy and Paste” is essential to sharing our emojis. If you are using our emojis from the keyboard, click on the emoji you wish to share. You will see a “copied to clipboard” message. That means the emoji has been copied and is ready to paste. In the text field where you wish to share the emoji, press down until the word paste pops up. Click on it to paste your emoji and now it’s ready to share.

Sending emojis directly from the APP

In some cases you may wish to share the emojis directly from the App, or in the event you do not wish to install our keyboard, you will have to share the emojis from the App.   In the App, go to the main menu and click on the purchased tab, then on the emoji pack you purchased, and finally the emoji you wish to share. Once you select the emoji, a window will appear with various applications like Twitter, Messenger and Facebook. Your emoji is now copied to the clipboard and ready to paste. Click the application you wish to share it in and paste the emoji.   For sharing on Facebook, please read our Sharing on Facebook FAQ.

Sharing on Facebook

Facebook does not allow a copy and paste option so the only way to share on Facebook is from within the app itself by saving an emoji to your photo library.   Go to purchased, select the pack, and then click the emoji you want and then click on the Facebook icon. Once you do this, the emoji is saved to your photo library.   In Facebook you can now click the photo button and you will see the emoji in your photo library. Click on it and it will load into Facebook. This works for Twitter as well inside the App. Note: If you wish to save any emojis to your library, this is the only way to do it.

Artwork Resolution

Every social sharing application like Twitter, What’s App, Facebook, etc. is unique and has their own software features for sharing images.   For example, Twitter will automatically scale an image whereas iMessaging will not. Facebook automatically resizes an image and in some cases compresses it. Bottom line, there is no “one size fits all” solution. Our artwork is also very detailed and a lot more complex than your typical emoji app. For this reason, we have to choose the best resolution for what app we feel most people will be using. Our research suggests our followers plan on using our emojis mostly for text messaging so we have decided to design our emojis ideally for that platform.   While you can still share our emojis on any application that allows copy and pasting, you will find the highest quality and best resolution will be with text messaging.

Why Are These Emojis Not Like the Small Emojis I'm used to? 

Standard emojis that are provided by Apple or Google in the software of your iPhone or Android are Unicode characters.  The Unicode Consortium coordinates Unicode's development and members of the consortium include most of the main computer companies like Google, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and Yahoo.  These companies decide what characters are unicode.  As you can imagine, this consortium is not interested in third party emojis created by celebrities and soccer companies like ours.  Since we are unable to partake in this consortium, our emojis cannot be unicode characters, thus our emojis are images and why our App only works as a “copy and paste” option.